Hub Criativo do Beato was born with the ambition to be a smart campus, exemplary in implementing urban strategies for environmental sustainability and resilience.

A permanent living laboratory, permeable to innovative solutions that contribute to the development of more sustainable, resilient, inclusive, people-centered cities with a better quality of life.

The creation of the HCB Living Lab leverages this vision and strategy, accelerating its implementation and transforming the Hub Criativo do Beato into a space for large-scale experimentation and demonstration, for the development, prototyping, validation and testing of new technologies, new services and innovative ways of life.

The HCB Living Lab aims to ensure the promotion of sustainable solutions through the creation of evidence, as well as the dissemination of its effectiveness and performance, ensuring the necessary conditions for the development of new businesses and for the sustainability of the business ecosystem that is growing in the eastern part of Lisbon.

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It is recognized that the success of living laboratories depends on an ambitious vision, a solid governance structure and a well-defined long-term strategy.

The HCB Living Lab aims to integrate these structural elements based on concerted action between the public and private sectors, collectively committed to ensuring the implementation of actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The project is also based on a co-creative approach, in which entities, partners and the HCB community, together with academia, entrepreneurs, the local community and citizens, work and interact to ensure a fair transition to a more resilient, sustainable and carbon neutral society.

The main objective is, therefore, to ensure the pursuit of advanced knowledge in the areas of sustainability covered by the project, in a context in which innovation, digitalization and entrepreneurship are the essential drivers of change.


✓ Reduce the consumption of resources and renew their use cycle

✓ Transform cities into healthier and more sustainable environments, and improve the quality of life of their inhabitants

✓ Raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable lifestyles

✓ Promote active and participatory citizenship in communities, encouraging investment in common well-being, in the spaces where they live and work

✓ Produce information, knowledge and useful experiences for the development of pilot projects

✓ Create new tools and applications, in continuous improvement, to generate increasingly better performances and optimized results

✓ Promote the creation of services and business models, ensuring the integration of solutions around sustainability

In line with the commitment to environmental sustainability of the Hub Criativo do Beato project, designed by Startup Lisboa – the entity responsible for the conception, implementation and management of the HCB -, the Living Lab was conceived to integrate Call #4 of the Environment Program, promoted by EEA Grants.

Its implementation is expected to last three years, ending in 2024, with: funding of 40% of the EEA Grants program, monitoring by the Secretaria-Geral do Ambiente e Ação Climática, the management of Startup Lisboa and the technical coordination of Lisboa E-Nova, in partnership with the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and with the contribution of all partners who accepted the challenge of co-creating this living laboratory of innovation.

The projects selected under Call #4 will contribute to increasing resilience to climate change, through concrete local adaptation and mitigation measures, exploring low carbon technological solutions in cities and intervening in the following areas of action: Energy, Buildings, Mobility, Circular Economy and Environment.

Through the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are partners in the internal market with the Member States of the European Union. As a way of promoting a continuous and balanced strengthening of economic and trade relations, the parties to the EEA Agreement established a multi-annual Financial Mechanism, known as EEA Grants.

The EEA Grants aim to reduce social and economic disparities in Europe, and to strengthen bilateral relations between these three countries and the beneficiary countries.

For the period 2014-2021, a total contribution of €2.8 billion has been agreed to 15 beneficiary countries. Portugal will benefit from an allocation of 102.7 million euros.





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