Hub Criativo do Beato Living Lab, the project that is transforming Hub Criativo do Beato into a smart campus of the future, a talk at the Portugal Mobi Summit

During the Portugal Mobi Summit, we explained how Hub Criativo do Beato is transforming itself into a smart campus that contributes to greater sustainable mobility and energy transition, and more. 

Moderated by Bruno Mateus, Head of Digital at Dinheiro Vivo, in the talk “Hub Criativo do Beato Living Lab”, José Mota Leal, Project Manager at HCB, shared with the audience the commitment to sustainability that was born in the definition of the concept of the HCB by Startup Lisboa, and reinforced with the creation of this living laboratory with the Technical Direction of Lisboa E-Nova.

João Vieira, Diretor de Estratégia e Inovação da Carris, explicou como é que “Beato Biobus” é um verdadeiro projeto de circularidade numa operação conjunta entre a Carris e a PRIO e que consiste na recolha de óleos alimentares usados na comunidade local para produção de biodiesel e uso em autocarros que futuramente irão servir o HCB.


Filipe Caroço, General Manager of Schréder Portugal, spoke to us about the intelligence and technology associated with the 3 operations being implemented at HCB, such as Intelligent Public Lighting, HCB Sensing and Charging, and the i-Management Platform. Operations that will achieve energy savings of around 80% through lighting control systems and motion sensors; measuring air quality; enable the charging of scooters and e-bikes on smart poles (Shuffles) installed on the HCB, and much more. All performance is tracked, measured, turned into data and shared in an interoperable smart city communication platform for further analysis.


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