Startup Lisboa, as an incubator and facilitator of innovation processes and activities for the city, will implement an acceleration program at the HCB Living Lab dedicated to clean technologies, focusing on the priority areas: Energy, Buildings, Mobility, Circular Economy and Environment.

With the objective of stimulating sustainability practices in the creation and development of businesses, the program intends to reward innovative products and services that must, in part, be demonstrable in the context of the HCB, thus contributing to the constant evolution of the living laboratory and to the sustainable transformation of Lisbon.

Startup Lisboa has promoted acceleration programs in several areas, from the restauration sector to the creative industries and, more recently, co-organized the Women4Climate mentoring program with the Lisbon City Council, within the framework of the C40 network of cities. Promoting a culture of entrepreneurship and attracting national and international talent is at the heart of Lisbon’s and HCB’s economic policy.

Clean Future is the name of the acceleration program, promoted by Unicorn Factory Lisboa and Startup Lisboa. There are €20,000 in prizes and applications run until 23 April on the program’s official website:

Areas of Intervention

  • - Energy
  • - Buildings
  • - Mobility
  • - Circular Economy and Environment

Design and implementation of the acceleration program

  • - Startup Lisboa
  • - Lisboa E-Nova


  • - Entities and the HCB community
  • - Local Community
  • - Entrepreneurial community

Windcredible is the global winner of Clean Future!

The startup that is building micro wind turbines for producing energy anywhere the wind blows wins a total of 10.000€ to invest in its solution and impact the CleanTech ecosystem. Deloitte & CTT awarded the winner. Congratulations!

Windcredible, The Carbon Games and Hortee are the winners of the Clean Future!

Windcredible, The Carbon Games and Hortee are the winners of the construction, mobility and retail categories in the Clean Future acceleration program!

Windcredible, winner in the Construction category, is centered on the development and production of vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTS) for urban use, a renewable energy technology that generates electricity from wind.

Hortee in the Retail category, is reinventing local and sustainable food shopping by connecting consumers with fresh food producers through private and public community facilitators, for online shopping, local pop-up markets and pick-up points.

The Carbon Games in the Mobility category, is a pioneering climate tech startup that is revolutionising sustainable mobility through innovative carpooling solutions and a cutting-edge carbon credit marketplace.

Each startup receives €5,000 to grow their business, they benefit from access to the Startup Lisboa incubation program and the possibility of developing their solutions with program partners! Thank you to MEXT, EMEL and GS1 Portugal and congratulations to the winning teams!

Selected Startups

After 79 applications submitted by startups from 28 different countries (38% Portuguese and 62% Foreign), 26% are linked to the Construction, 37% to the Mobility and the remaining 37% to the Retail areas.

After selecting our jury, we announce the squad of CleanTech startups that will allow cities to become more sustainable and that will now start their acceleration journey for 10 weeks, working and developing their technological solutions:

Construction: Zumer, Bandora Systems, COMU Labs, Mykor, Mortar IO, Revalue, Windcredible, Greenment

Mobility: MyGreenApp, OC2P, The Carbon Games, Miivo, APPorta, Gocleer

Retail: Wingo, CO-YOU, Hortee, Pyck, Swapp, Ecoceno, Santa Farm, Repete, Zeroo

Bootcamp @ Deloitte Hub

For 2 days, the selected startups were immersed in a bootcamp exploring the ecosystem and industries of each category – mobility, construction and retail – to understand the general picture and prepare to grow with us. But this is just the first step!

From now on, there are 10 weeks of acceleration of solutions that promise to improve the sustainability of cities, from Hub Criativo do Beato to the world! Thanks to program partners.

Jury Session

3 days of inspiring pitches and disruptive ideas from 70 projects by more than 120 entrepreneurs in a jury session with the contribution of Carlos Fernandes Bhatt, Nuno Freitas & Maria José Rebelo (CTT), Silvia Mota, Pedro Pantaleão, Miguel Boavida, Filipe Morla & Inês Mota (MEXT), Eduardo Silva, Bernardo Pereira & Victor Vieira (Lisboa Enova), José Maia (1 de Agosto ), Beatriz Riscado, Raul Garcia-Rodriguez, Pedro Sousa Campos, Rita Melo, Paulo Pires & Sérgio Carvalho (Deloitte), Artur Andrade, Luís Figueiredo, Raquel Abrantes, Nuno Azevedo & Pedro Lima (GS1 Portugal), Sofia Taborda (EMEL) , Victor Cruz, João Felix (Mobiag), João Pedro Silva (GED Ventures), Marta Miraldes & Gil Azevedo (Startup Lisboa & Unicorn Factory Lisboa).

Launch event of Clean Future

Today, with the contribution of the Clean Future partners, we held the launch event of this acceleration program focused on Construction, Retail and Mobility, integrated in the Hub Criativo do Beato Living Lab project, co-financed by EEA Grants.

The kick-off to support startups in the creation and development of technological solutions with a view to improving the sustainability of cities, boosting their innovative businesses to potentially be applied in a real context in the city of Lisbon and to serve as a model for replication in other cities around the world the world. Applications until April 23!

Applications open today for Clean Future

Applications open today for Clean Future, an acceleration program for technology-based solutions in CleanTech focused on the sectors that generate the most adverse impact on climate change: Construction, Mobility and Retail.

Clean Future is one of the operations of the Hub Criativo do Beato Living Lab and aims to support startups in the creation and development of solutions aimed at improving the sustainability of cities. There are 20,000 euros in prizes and applications run until the 23rd of April.

The Program is supported by Deloitte as Knowledge Partner and by CTT as Strategic Partner.
The goal is to raise awareness of the national ecosystem for the themes in focus and to promote the development of innovative technological solutions that aim to address a more sustainable future.


The Program will focus on three categories with partnerships with recognised intervention in those areas – Construction, Mobility and Retail – sectors where there is a high potential for impact in the fight against climate change:

  • ●  Construction: Mota-Engil
  • ●  Mobility: EMEL
  • ●  Retail: GS1 Portugal